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Attends Company News

June 2012
Attends Healthcare Products Wins American Heart Association Award

Attends Healthcare Products, Inc. celebrated their accomplishment of supporting a wellness culture with the American Heart Association’s Fit Friendly Gold Award. Presented by Lynn Pischke, Attends was recognized for the outstanding employee wellness opportunities the company brings through their on- site gym, registered walking trails, added healthier vending options, marked healthier vending options, and offering healthy lifestyle change programs.

In conjunction with the overall Gold recognition, Attends Healthcare Products also has shown growth within the Live Healthy 100 Day Challenge over the past three years. Due to the growth the company has made thus far in offering wellness opportunities, Attends doubled the participation rates from 64 participants in 2010 to 164 participants this past year. Also, two employees from our finance department won the first place trophy in their weight loss division. Still through continuous growth and determination, Attends Healthcare Products continues to aim high in the fight towards wellness and overall employee health.

Now aiming for the Platinum Level of the Fit Friendly Award, Attends continues towards positive outcomes of healthy behaviors while implementing new policy with a great return on investment.

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