How can Attends help you improve quality of care?

Attends pioneered the adult incontinence category more than three decades ago, and we remain commitment to helping nursing homes and hospitals meet their goals today. Our R&D team includes trained clinicians who understand the challenges your facility faces. We focus on product development to address rewet, acquisition, leakage protection and other factors that promote healthy skin – assisting you in providing better patient care and meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements.

Better Outcomes = Better Care

We offer a complete product range to address all acuity levels. The Attends® brand is our professional-grade product line designed especially for hospitals, long-term care facilities and other professional healthcare environments. The Attends line focuses on briefs and underpads for heavy to severe incontinence and for patients who are often sedentary. The Attends Discreet® brand features underwear and pads that are perfect for active individuals with light to moderate incontinence.

It starts with insights and innovation leading to superior absorption technology in the products we develop.

It Ends With Total Client Satisfaction.
35 Years Of It.

Premium Care

"...if you don't have the right product, you're going to have skin problems."


The Market Leader In Innovation and Value

Attends is the oldest incontinence brand on the market today and we never stop striving for better. See what makes us different and how we continue to stay on top as the market leader in innovation and value.

Hospitals Rely on Attends Everyday

Clinically proven incontinence products help healthcare facilities perform better

Nursing facilities and hospitals have long been concerned with incontinence – not only as a condition itself but also as a factor in leading to other health risks. The incidence of skin breakdown, urinary tract infections, and patients falls can be exacerbated when incontinence is part of the mix. With the proliferation of healthcare quality measures, healthy outcomes are more important than ever.

At Attends, we share your concerns. We continually work to develop clinically proven technologies that improve absorbency, prevent leakage and make patients more comfortable. Our incontinence products are aimed at:

  • Ensuring maximum dryness and healthy skin, thereby promoting faster patient recovery
  • Reducing patient falls related to a failed incontinence product
  • Improving patient comfortable and overall mood
  • Enabling more restful sleep
  • Promoting healthy outcomes and reducing hospital re-admittance
  • Reducing laundry volume from wet clothing and bedding
  • Reducing labor and total cost of care

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Proven To Better Outcomes

The Holistic Incontinence Care study concluded that Attends® Advanced Briefs off a number of benefits, including:

  • Longer periods of uninterrupted quality sleep - on average 5-6 hours per night
  • Better management of nighttime care
  • Increased overall skin health

"Do the right things clinically, and the financial outcomes will follow." – Helen Sims,
Superior Care Home Nursing Rehabilitation Center

Everything You Need in One Place

Over 35 years ago, Attends® became the first brand of Adult Incontinence products, and has remained the FIRST in Confidence™, with best in class quality. Building on our heritage, we have combined Insights, Innovation, Clinical Data and Customer Intelligence, to optimize and streamline Attends in 2016. The Attends line will feature an easier to understand nomenclature with a cohesive & modern design, assuring that the Attends line remains the clear choice for customers who demand the best!