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New Maximum Strength All-in-One Underpad

Products Impacted
Catalog #'s: ASBM-3036

Effective Date of Change
May 2011

What's New
A new maximum strength version of the Attends® Supersorb® Breathables® all-in-one underpad is being launched to meet customer desires for a stronger underpad. It features a purple backsheet compared to the white one on our ASB-2336 and ASB-3036 underpads. With this introduction we will also be discontinuing our ASB-3036P.


  • Stronger—Customer research suggests that a stronger all-in-one underpad is needed to aid in patient repositioning. With thicker topsheets and backsheets, this underpad (ASBM-3036) is more than six times stronger than standard underpads. The added product strength provides customers with a product that they will be more confident using to reposition their patients or loved ones.
  • Easily Identified—This all-in-one underpad can be easily identified and separated from the laundry. The new purple colored backsheet will make it easier to separate these underpads from the linen.

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