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NEW! Attends Overnight Protective Underwear

Products Impacted

Effective Date of Change
November 2011

Product Information

  • The core on the new underwear is 15% longer, and 50% more absorbent than our AP Underwear
  • The new bag artwork design makes it easier to identify the key elements of the product – brand, product category and type
Product Description Catalog # Case Count Inner Packaging
Attends Overnight Protective Underwear-Medium APPNT20 64 4 bags of 16
Attends Overnight Protective Underwear-Large APPNT30 56 4 bags of 14
Attends Overnight Protective Underwear-Extra Large APPNT40 48 4 bags of 12


  • The longer/more absorbent core provides a product that can be worn with confidence for extended periods of time - day and night.

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