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Product News

Attends® Products - New Bag Branding!

Products Impacted
All Attends® products currently packaged in printed bags.

Effective Date of Change
November 2011–March 2012

What's New

  • Totally new bag designs bring you the same great products in packaging that is now easier to identify and understand
  • New front: displays content critical to identifying the Attends brand name, the product type and the product tier. Product selection is aided with secondary information such as a product illustration, special product feature(s), size, bag count, relative performance scale, and gender indication.
  • New back: New back of packaging provides detailed descriptions of product features and benefits along with a scale for assessing the user’s relative severity of incontinence. This incontinence scale matches a user’s experience with a level of incontinence and the products appropriate for managing those symptoms.


  • New front aids in product selection and identification
  • New back aids in personal assessment
  • Brand and product type are prominent - more easily identified
  • Packaging less confusing - easier to understand
  • Color coded by tier and product type- making product selection easier
  • Incontinence scale matches user’s experience to appropriate product selection



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