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Product News

Extended Wear Product Name Change

Products Impacted

Effective Date of Change
January 2012

What's New

  • All Attends Extended Wear Products will be re-named “Overnight”
  • New packaging reflecting the name change will be complete in JFM 2012
  • This is a name change only; no changes have been made to the products
Catalog # Product Description Catalog # Product Description
BRNT20 Attends Extended Wear Breathable Briefs-Medium BRNT20 Attends Overnight Breathable Briefs-Medium
BRNT30 Attends Extended Wear Breathable Briefs-Large BRNT30 Attends Overnight Breathable Briefs-Large
    BRNT40 NEW!! Attends Overnight Breathable Briefs-Extra Large
SPNT Attends Extended Wear Shaped Pads SPNT Attends Overnight Shaped Pads


  • Customers can expect the same great performance when the product is used for extended periods of time-day or night
  • New nomenclature reflects standards for these tiers of product

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