How do Attends brands support dealer success?

Attends has been a trusted brand for more than 35 years and one that hospitals recommend. Regardless of your business goals as a dealer, we have a full range of products to meet your customers’ needs for acuity level, lifestyle, quality and price.

In additional to our Attends Care line with optimal reimbursement pricing, we also offer the Attends and Attends Discreet lines that address emerging issues like healthy outcomes and diverse consumer lifestyles.

All three of our brand platforms include products that satisfy reimbursement requirements. Attends and Attends Discreet go a step beyond, giving dealers new opportunities to differentiate themselves, diversify their payer mix, and offer greater value.

Contact us to learn how Attends can help you diversify and transition your business to meet changing market demands.

Market Outlook

Home healthcare serving a growing population

With aging baby boomers and retirees expressing a desire to live and treat moderate medical conditions at home, in-home care has become the preferred choice over long-term care facilities.

Additionally, seniors are staying more active than generations before them, and consequently, are seeking adult incontinence products that provide freedom, flexibility and discretion.

For those in more advanced stages of incontinence, many patients and their caregivers are asking for higher quality products than in the past.

Higher quality and brand differentiation for greater value to your bottom line

The home care market for adult incontinence has traditionally been driven by Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements, so price has been the primary concern. However, many dealers are looking ahead and recognize that more change is coming, with quality measures requiring them to assess Medicaid patients differently.

Healthy outcomes, quality products and consumer choice are increasing priorities in healthcare, creating challenges and new opportunities for dealers. To be successful, home care dealers will have to find ways to diversify their payer mix, retain customers and increase referrals – important foundations of a sustainable business model.

Brand preference drives consumer choice, so forward-thinking companies are offering higher- end brands. They're finding that brand differentiation delivers overall greater value to their business. With happy customers, retention and referrals drive volume up, making per- product margins less critical.

Attends Care

When price and reimbursement are your primary drivers.

  • Helps dealers achieve price / margin goals
  • Meets state-by-state requirements for retention capacity, root of acquisition, and rewet
  • From Attends, a trusted brand for more than 35 years
Attends Care

The performance of Attends, plus the dignity, confidence and aesthetics of our discreet designs.

  • Enables you to offer a broader selection of products than available in retail stores
  • The same or better quality than your customers can find at retail
  • A wide variety of styles and hard-to-find sizes
  • Priced affordably for consumers, even competitive with big box retailers
  • Small case counts for dealers to meet your cost constraints
  • Innovative planograms to make efficient use of your space
  • Products to help you grow and retain a loyal customer base
Attends Care

When maximum protection and quality outcomes are top priority.

  • Enables you to offer a wider selection of products than available in retail stores
  • Products that are clinically proven to promote healthy skin
  • Better quality products than retail brands – for absorbency, dryness, comfort and discretion
  • Products for heavy to severe incontinence that are hard to find in retail
  • Products to help you grow and retain a loyal customer base