Over 40 years creating
product solutions for adults
with incontinence including
briefs, protective
underwear, underpads,
pads, guards and

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We believe everyone deserves personal care.
We care about the people who use our products, and through
research and innovation, have dedicated ourselves to
becoming experts in absorbent hygiene technology.

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Testimony 2
“Best Adult Diapers Ever”
I got these for my grandpa and they work amazing. I would for sure
recommend these to anyone that needs them. I have tried lots of different
brands with different styles, but these are the best...
Verified Review.
“A must-have for those with incontinence
Discovering these Attends disposable pads made my life a little easier. They are much larger and sturdier than regular disposable pads. They are also comfortable enough to lie on directly.
Verified Review

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