Supporting Veterans: CMOP Eligibility and Incontinence Products Guide

At Attends, we hold a deep sense of honor and gratitude for the brave men and women who have served in the armed forces. We recognize the unique challenges that veterans face, including those related to bladder and bowel leakage. Our support for Veterans & the Veteran Affairs Administration (VA) is rooted in a commitment to provide innovative incontinence product solutions that prioritize health, dignity and comfort for every person we serve. 

Understanding CMOP and Veteran Benefits 

The Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacy (CMOP) program plays a vital role in delivering healthcare services to veterans. It operates as a centralized mail-order pharmacy system, ensuring efficient and convenient access to prescribed medications and healthcare products. CMOP leverages advanced technology and logistics to streamline the process, offering veterans a reliable and accessible resource for their healthcare needs. 

Advantages of CMOP for Veterans: 

  • Cost-Effectiveness: CMOP offers cost savings for veterans, providing medications and healthcare products at reduced or no cost. This helps alleviate financial burdens and ensures access to essential supplies.
  • Convenience and Accessibility: The mail-order system eliminates the need for veterans to visit physical pharmacies for monthly refills, saving them time and effort. Products are delivered directly to their homes, allowing them to manage their healthcare needs with ease.
  • Comprehensive Product Selection: CMOP collaborates with trusted brands like Attends to offer a diverse range of adult incontinence products that best suit their lifestyle and preferences.
  • Quality Assurance: Veterans can trust CMOP to deliver high-quality products that meet stringent standards. The program prioritizes product safety, efficacy and reliability, ensuring veterans have confidence in the products they use. 

Eligibility and VA Process for Veteran Benefits 

Veterans interested in accessing adult incontinence products through the VA Health Care system and CMOP must meet eligibility criteria and follow the VA enrollment process. 

Who is Eligible? 

  • Membership in the VA Health Care System: Veterans must be enrolled to access benefits, including incontinence products from CMOP. VA enrollment ensures comprehensive healthcare services, evaluations and prescriptions for necessary products.
  • VA Health Care Qualifications: Please note that not all veterans are eligible for VA Health Care. Here are some factors that the VA may consider for eligibility:
    • VA has rated you for a service-connected disability
    • You received a purple heart or are a former Prisoner of War
    • You are a combat Veteran who separated within the last 5 years
    • You are eligible for Medicaid benefits
    • Your family income is below the income threshold
    • You served in Vietnam, Southwest Asia during the Gulf War, or Camp Lejeune during certain periods of time
  • Diagnosis and Evaluation: Veterans seeking coverage for adult incontinence products undergo an evaluation by a qualified healthcare professional within the VA system. The provider assesses the condition severity and prescribes appropriate products. 

VA Enrollment Process 

  • New Applicants: Veterans not enrolled can apply online at, call (877) 222-8387 or visit their local VA Medical Center. The application process includes providing personal and healthcare information, including proof of military service.
  • Coverage Requirements: Once enrolled, veterans collaborate with their VA Health Care provider to evaluate incontinence needs. The provider may prescribe Attends products or other approved brands available through CMOP, based on the assessment.
  • Select CMOP as Delivery Option: When you receive a prescription from your VA healthcare provider, you'll have the option to choose how you want to receive your products. If you prefer to have your products delivered by mail, you can select CMOP as your delivery option.
  • Provide Delivery Information: You'll need to provide CMOP with your current mailing address and any other necessary information to ensure that your products are delivered to the correct location.
  • Receive Medications: Once your prescription is processed and filled by CMOP, your products will be mailed to the address you provided.
  • Refill Prescriptions as Needed: If you have ongoing prescriptions, you can request refills through the VA's My HealtheVet website, by phone, or by mail. CMOP will then process and mail your refills to you according to your preferences.

Attends Incontinence Products for Veterans 

Attends is dedicated to providing veterans with innovative and effective solutions for managing bladder and bowel leakage. Our product range is designed to address various levels of incontinence and support veterans in maintaining their comfort and dignity. 

Eligible Attends Healthcare Products:

  • Briefs: Attends briefs offer absorbency and leakage protection, ideal for veterans with moderate to severe incontinence. They feature a snug fit and odor control.
  • Underwear: Designed for active lifestyles for both men and women, Attends gender-specific underwear provides discreet and reliable protection. With a contoured design and breathable materials, they offer comfort and security throughout the day.
  • Underpads: Our Underpads feature an absorbent core which pulls fluid away from the skin to help maintain skin health and wellness. The soft, cloth-like topsheet provides added comfort, while the leakage guard layer protects bed linens from wetness. A strong, breathable backsheet keeps the underpad in place and provides the ability to lift and reposition patients. The air-permeable backsheet allows for use on low-airflow mattresses. Odor-blocking properties help maintain healthy environment.
  • Pads: Attends pads offer discreet protection and comfort for light to moderate leakage. They are suitable for daily use and provide flexibility for varying needs.
  • Male Guards: Specifically crafted for men, our male guards offer protection and comfort. They have a discreet cup-like design, easy to use and provide confidence for everyday activities.
  • Wipes: Our gentle and effective wipes are essential for personal hygiene and skincare. They are pH-balanced, hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin, providing freshness and cleanliness. 

Finding the Right Eligible Attends Products                                     

  • Online Catalog: We offer an online catalog of eligible incontinence products for veterans. The catalog provides detailed information, including specifications, sizes and absorbency levels for each product.
  • Product Selection Assistance: For veterans who are looking to find incontinence products that will best suit their unique needs, our customer support team offers guidance, recommendations and free samples to try before purchasing.
  • Free Sample Request: Veterans can contact our customer support team to request free samples. Our team assists in selecting the right products, based on incontinence severity, lifestyle and preferences. 

A Vietnam Veteran’s Experience with Attends 

We’ve had the privilege of hearing inspiring stories from veterans who have benefited from Attends healthcare products. Bill Mace, a Vietnam veteran and former Marine Drill Instructor, found life-changing relief with Attends healthcare products. Starting with one of our largest products and transitioning to the male guard, Bill now navigates his active lifestyle confidently, noting the discreetness and effectiveness of Attends products. His story shows the importance of finding the right product for individual needs, and empowers others living with incontinence to live life to the fullest. 

For more details about Bill’s inspiring journey, click here


Empowering Veterans with Our VA Relationship 

At Attends, we are deeply committed to championing health, dignity and comfort for veterans dealing with incontinence. Through our relationship with the VA and CMOP program, we strive to make access to quality adult incontinence products seamless and affordable. We encourage veterans to explore eligibility for veteran benefits and trust Attends for the support they need.

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