Relax and Celebrate Dad Without Bladder Control Worry

June 15, 2018

    The Role a Father Plays

    Never underestimate a father’s influence and encouragement. When talking about his father, famous North Carolina basketball coach, ‘Jimmy V’ once said, “My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: he believed in me.” There’s a lot to be said about the special powers of parental encouragement. That’s why we officially celebrate the contributions fathers and father figures have made throughout our lives on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 17th.

    Incontinence in Men

    As an adult daughter or son, you see your father through loving eyes, and it can be hard to believe (let alone accept for a fact) that dads watch us grow and develop, but at a certain point we need to step in to make sure their needs are met, because they’re just as important as our own. Men, in general, may be less forthcoming when they realize they are experiencing bladder leakage. Per the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, there are roughly 13 million people in the U.S. diagnosed with urinary incontinence, less than half are men. That’s still a staggering number.

    The reasons why the risk of urinary leakage rises steadily as men age, per The National Institute on Aging include:

    Selecting the Right Product

    Discreet Men’s Underwear- Our Discreet Underwear is for more active men with moderate to heavy incontinence. This product was designed with a full-belly elastic waistband and a soft, cloth-like fabric to be worn and feel like regular underwear. Providing the ability to put on their own underwear and go about their day, alleviates the issue. Not to mention, tear-away side panels make it quick and easy to remove. Learn more about our Discreet Underwear line here.

    Briefs – Briefs are used by top hospital and nursing care facilities for patients with heavy to severe bowel and urinary incontinence. They’re typically used for men who need assistance with activities of daily living and can’t get around on their own. The side tabs make it easy for the caregiver to take the Briefs off and on. Learn more about our briefs line here.

    To further understand how the condition of incontinence impacts men, read Bladder Control Problems in Men from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.


    Fun Ways to Honor Fatherhood

    Sharing moments with your Dad can be extra special, with a little effort. So do plan ahead.

    Recall childhood memories together 

    • Weak or overactive bladder muscles 
    • Damage to nerves that control the bladder (such as from MS or Parkinson’s disease) 
    • Disorders that make it difficult to access bathroom facilities in time 
    • Prostate issues 
    • Certain medications such as 
      • Alpha-blockers (HBP) 
      • Antidepressants 
      • Diuretics 
  • Look at photographs, use a digital frame
  • Giving a framed collage of your favorite pastimes to show your appreciation
  • Watch a home movie or family video
  • Bring an item that would evoke a pleasant recollection

            Write a "Thank You" note to your Dad

  • Read it aloud to him
  • Tell him 10 things you appreciate about him
  • Tell him 10 things that have influenced you

          Start an authentic conversation

  • Ask him about what he’s most proud of/what he’d do differently 
  • Ask him about his childhood dreams 
  • Ask him what he likes about being your father

Enjoy a favorite game or activity

  • A game of golf 
  • A round of tennis 
  • Relaxing boat ride on the lake 
  • Cheering in the crowd at a sporting event

Ask him to ‘remember the time when...’

  • Then record him telling a funny little story 

        Go down a musical memory lane

  • Research songs from his era beforehand 
  • Bring song sheets and a musical instrument 
  • Sing songs together, record them

        Surprise him with a visit to one of his favorite spots

  • Fishing-hole 
  • Bike trail 
  • Walking trail 
  • Restaurant


Selecting the Right Product


No matter how you or your Dad will be celebrating Father’s Day, know that there are products to help him feel dry and confident throughout the day. Ensure your Dad feels independent and comfortable so his focus can be on family – not on flow.

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