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Discretion Discretion - FAQ

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Some of our providers ship in discreet cases but we can't guarantee this for every shipping as some cases might be printed.
Our super absorbent technology allows us to create products that are thin and discreet. They can also be worn under tight-fitting clothing. Even our Attends(r) Male Guard can be secured to your own underwear! Have a look at the range of products available. If you'd like one of our product specialists to offer personalized advice, give us a call at 800-428-8363. They can also send you a free sample to let you see for yourselves.
This depends on the product type used. If you’re using a light liner, male guard or bladder control pad, these products are to be worn inside your underwear and include a light adhesive strip to the back for secure application. We don’t recommend wearing underwear over protective underwear or briefs.