Frequently Asked Questions

Which incontinence products can be used for bowel incontinence?

For those who suffer from bowel incontinence, we recommend protective underwear for light to moderate fecal incontinence containment. For heavy to severe fecal incontinence, we recommend using a brief. Those who have light leakage or staining, we recommend using a Butterfly patch by Attends. You can learn more about the Butterfly patch at

Should I wear my normal underwear over the product?

This depends on the product type used. If you’re using a light liner, male guard or bladder control pad, these products are to be worn inside your underwear and include a light adhesive strip to the back for secure application. We don’t recommend wearing underwear over protective underwear or briefs.

How often should I change the product?

We recommend changing the product following a wetting. These products should not be reused following a wetting.

Why do I experience leakage with some products?

There are a few reasons a product may be leaking. Sizing is one of the largest causes of leaking in protective products; please ensure that the product you are using is the correct size. Another cause may be that you are not using the right absorbency for your needs. Light liners and bladder control pads aren’t made to contain full voids. If you are experiencing leakage out of liners, you should consider moving to protective underwear. If you are having trouble finding the right product for your needs, give our friends at HDIS a call. They will provide a free, personalized incontinence assessment and provide free samples that you can try before you buy.

What is the difference between these products and a sanitary pad?

There is a large difference in how feminine hygiene and bladder control pads absorb liquid. Bladder control pads are specifically developed to handle larger voids with rapid acquisition. Using a feminine hygiene pad for incontinence will result in wetness and leakage.