Incontinence 101

Understanding incontinence can be confusing and frustrating. there are so many options when choosing a product and we're here to help you along the way.

What is Incontinence ?

Urinary or bowel incontinence is the medical term for bladder or bowel leaks. In basic terms, incontinence is any loss of bladder or bowel control, but don't worry it's pretty common and there are lots of solutions to keep you active.

1 in 4 americans
have bladder leakage

Over 65 million americans have experienced some form of bladder leakage. That's about one in four people and although it can be related to changes in your body as you age, it is not just the result of getting older.

It can happen
to anyone

In fact, a significant percentage of people suffering from bladder or bowel leaks are under 50 years old. It can result from a number of different reasons, again it's not always age.

Talk to your

Bladder and bowel leaks aren't always permanent. Sometimes reducing the prevalence of incontinence can be a result of changing your diet or strengthening different parts of your body, but you should talk to your doctor before making any lifestyle changes.

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Understanding Incontinence Levels

Everyone experiences something different. Here's how we try to help people understand what they're experiencing.


Drops and dribbles when you least expect it. Can often be influenced by a laugh, cough or exercise.


Dribbles and spurts throughout the day. These have the ability to impact the ability to maintain a normal, active life without the use of protective products.


Dribbles, Spurts and Gushes throughout the day and night. Absorbent products are required at all times, day and night to stay protected from leaks.


Full loss of bladder or bowel. An absorbent protective product is required at all times to stay protected from leaks and skin breakdown.

Mobility Differences

Product recommendations can be very different based on your mobility level. Here's how we break down levels of mobility.


Limited Mobility

Limited Activity

Less Active


Other things to Consider


There are products specific to men and women that are designed to have improved fit and protection.

Day or Night

Many people choose different products for day and night. Night products typically have higher capacity.


If you're buying a product for yourself or someone you care for, product selection may vary for ease of putting on and taking off.

Type of Incontinence

Whether you're suffering from bladder, bowel or a mixture of both, product recommendations may vary.

Understanding Product Types

Dribbles, Spurts,

I rely on absorbent products to maintain my lifestyle. I need a product that is discreet but always there - day or night.

Spurts, Gushes
and Full Loss

I need to use the most absorbent products to keep me protected from skin break-down and leaks. I am no longer able to control my bladder or bowels.

Leaks, Dribbles
and Spurts

My leaks are starting to interfere with my life and I need an absorbent but discreet solution. I never Know when leaks will happen.

All Levels of

I'm looking for something to protect my furniture and provide an extra layer of security.