Incontinence Does Not Have to Impact Your Daily Lifestyle

It’s Not a Big Deal

In August 2019, Attends Premier partnered with The Garage Shop on a journey to the Bonneville Salt Flats where stock car driver, Aaron Brown, attempted to break the land speed record in his #6 stock car. In September, we took to the road again as partners in performance with The Garage Shop to the Arkansas Mile. After preparing for months, it was exciting  to watch The Garage Shop’s crew work seamlessly and diligently to get the race car prepared to deliver premium performance. However, one of our most valuable takeaways from our new partnership with Aaron and his team was our introduction to Bill Mace. Bill is a Vietnam veteran, who during his time in the Marines also served as a Drill Instructor. He is now self-employed and works on The Garage Shop pit crew. Bill also happens to live with incontinence, which doesn’t slow down his active, everyday lifestyle.

Working with Bill, one would never know about his daily challenge. Bill’s life isn’t impaired or slowed down, and he will be the first to tell you it’s a “human problem, but not a big deal.” Bill spoke openly with us about his experience with incontinence and how important discovering the right product is for finding a solution.

Finding Attends

At the recommendation of a relative, Bill found He tried four different types of products, beginning with the largest and moving down to the male guard, as his condition improved. He now only uses the male guard for daily life, claiming, “I’ll forget I have it on and you’ll never know I have it on.” Bill still works, he still maintains a very active lifestyle, and incontinence doesn’t keep him from doing anything he wants to do.

More than 5 million men in the US experience bladder problems. And of the 25 million Americans adults suffering from some form of urinary incontinence, 75-80% of those are women. So why are people so embarrassed to talk about incontinence when it’s so common? Viewed as a sensitive topic for most individuals, we want to break down barriers for both men and women looking for a solution that fits their specific needs. Attends strives to be the solution for both user and caregivers dealing incontinence, by creating products that not only meet you need but also exceed your expectation to allow you to live your normal life. It’s important to not only find a product but the right product for you and your needs. The amount of choices can be overwhelming and according the National Association for continence, it has been estimated that as many as 80% of people experiencing adult incontinence are using the wrong products. But don’t worry, there is a product that is right for you! Everyone deserves to live their best life and not having to worry about unexpected leaks or the distance to the nearest facility can be life-changing and liberating.

Although the conditions weren’t ideal for a land speed record in Bonneville, the sponsorship gave us the opportunity to show that no matters the conditions, location, or time of day, Attends can be there to support both user and caregiver’s needs.

A special thanks to The Garage Shop for being our partners along this journey, and to Bill for his openness and confidence to share his experience with us.

We hope that you will be comfortable to share your story with us as well. Incontinence isn’t shameful. It isn’t embarrassing or something to be discussed only in private. Bill’s raw honesty and openness gave us a powerful insight into the stories of those how live with incontinence.

But Bill isn’t just living with incontinence; he’s thriving with it.

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