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Top 5 Best Big Cities for Aging ..

Managing Incontinence Can Help You To Actively Age and Live Your Best Life

The Sassy Classics, a dazzling group of women between the ages of 67 and 87, light up stages across North Carolina with their rockette-style dance moves. Their age doesn’t slow them down; in fact, they encourage other women in their golden years to get up and move. Even if you move slowly, or your joints stick a little, the important thing is to keep moving. 

It’s the same lesson every active senior will tell you: Get active. Stay active. Keep moving.

The International Council on Active Aging celebrates this mentality by promoting Active Aging Week each year -- sharing ideas and coordinating events that encourage people over age 55 to ignite their passion by continuing to dance, rock climb, do yoga, and enjoy all the things they’ve always loved. Even if you can’t dance across the room, get involved in a group at your Senior Center or in your retirement community. Help organize the holiday party; bake your perfect secret cookie recipe for the bake sale; join a poetry group with your fellow literary lovers; volunteer for a charity you love!

Just keep moving.

But what do you do when health issues begin slowing you down? 

Incontinence and the Active Senior

Healthy Autumn Foods to Decrease Inflammation

Autumn is a beautiful season filled with colorful leaves and amazing flavors. There’s nothing like fresh hot apple cider or a slice of sweet potato pie in the Fall! Those who suffer from chronic inflammation due to diabetes, arthritis or other illnesses might feel limited on what they can enjoy, due to their diet. However, there are plenty of autumn foods that taste delicious while also reducing inflammation. Here’s just a few:  ..

Best Tea Recipes for Digestion

Experiencing indigestion ruins the best of meals. While you’d love to chat with your dining companions about the amazing pasta dish you just had, a sour tummy relegates you to the restroom instead. Enjoying a warm cup of tea after a meal soothes an upset stomach and alleviate general discomforts such as gas or bloating. Not only do these tea elixirs aid in digestion, they are also easy to make and quite tasty!  ..

What To Consider When Choosing an Incontinence Product

Whether you’re a caregiver choosing an incontinence product for a patient or loved one or an adult with incontinence that is searching for a brand to provide comfort and mobility; picking the best disposable adult incontinence product will make a big difference in quality of life. With the right combination of medicine, planning, and hygiene products, you can maintain an active, healthy lifestyle for yourself or your loved one. ..